Can I come and visit

the campus?

Some athletes will be invited to come to Las Vegas or Phoenix to participate in onsite camps, clinics, seminars, and competitions.  In addition, athletes and coaches may participate in The RunRite Challenge and other events onsite at local certified facilities and events.

Who are the courses instructors?

Each course is led by Zig Ziegler, the Sports Kinesiologist. Some portions are live and others are prerecorded. Zig is availalbe to answer questions and assist participants in discovering solutions for themselves and their athletes.

Can I consult with

an advisor?

During your participation in any of our programs you will be given the opportunity to participate in weekly "live coaching sessions" led by Zig Ziegler or one of our senior instructors.  Questions submitted in advance of the call take priority during the coaching sessions. 


Each partipant may also receive additional coaching sessions and review of their RunRite assessment data and corrections for any exercise recommendations provided.  

What kind of payment

plans do you offer?

We offer two payment plans - Paid in Full or a Two (2) payment split for professionals.  We offer a Money back guarantee. If you do your homework and follow the program for 30 days and fail to make any improvements, you'll receive a 100% refund of any payments (after return receipt of any equipment provided during your participation in the program.  There are no refunds for our coaching programs.   If you are unable to complete the program during the time period allowed due to legitimate reason, your period may be extended after review. 


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